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"For me, the worst thing about being asexual is other people trying to fix me all the time. They develop this completely inappropriate obsession with my sexual and romantic life, which can manifest as anything from aggressively propositioning me for sex to searching for what’s “really” wrong with me through invasive questions. Some of them maintain that these attempted interventions are about my health and happiness, apparently unaware that they’re compromising both by refusing to respect my identity."

Julie Sondra Decker

" You’re about as sexually attractive to me as a turtle: Coming out as asexual in a hypersexual culture"

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Adventures in Teaching: A collection of student errors



I taught human anatomy for about two years at a college. Most of my students were just out of high school, bound for a pre-med or pre-nursing track.

 After every arduous exam, I’d collect the notable answers to circulate, part humor, part cautionary tale. 

Below is a selection of student errors collected from one such exam, copied from my email, as circulated to students: 

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